Discover Your Mission, Assemble Your Dream Team and Plot Your Grand Production…with Board of Your Life


The Board of Your Life Kit. For you do-it-yourself types.

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Ready for change?

Not a wardrobe change…but a holistic, wholesome, fulsome, fundamental CHANGE?


It’s time to stop waiting in the wings of your own life (or career). Because you are not an understudy to excellence. You’re the star.

Or the director. Or the writer. Or the set designer. You choose your role. This is your grand production.

And Board of Your LifeTM is a program designed to help you research, write, direct, and star in your own grand production…even when you’re not yet sure where your lifestory goes or how you can shine.

So if you’re ready to launch into a magnificent new direction but need help mapping it out, Board of Your Life is your compass.

How Board of Your Life Works

Oh would some power the gift give us, to see ourselves as others see us! – Robbie Burns

Imagine assembling a dream team of people who deeply know you and are raring to support your dreams and applaud your success.

Now imagine a visionary brainstorming session with them…entirely dedicated to discovering your unique values, particular gifts and personal genius.

We’ve just created the Board of Your Life. This is your Advisory Board of Excellence – drawn from the supporting (and supportive!) cast of characters in your own life – assembled for the sole purpose of helping you step into your starring role.

Having multiple influential people from different stages of my life in one room at the same time was fantastic for learning more about myself and how I’m perceived in a work environment…it provided me with a cleanse and a jumping off point for going forward.

Tanya established a positive and constructive environment during the meeting and the report I received  is a document I refer to often when I feel like I’m straying from my true brand at work.

Board of your Life helped me to facilitate a major life change and I am thankful for the insight that Tanya and my advisory board members provided me with – it was a true gift.  - A.A.

Board of Your Life is an intensive study in who you are, what you’re great at, and what’s next.

It’s intense. Board of Your Life is not for the squeamish—it’s for ambitious visionaries ready to act.

Ready to stop waiting in the wings of their own lives.

Ready to take centre stage and shine in their own grand productions.

Are you ready?

Ready, Set, Shine. (It’s Time.)

If you are ready to use Board of Your Life to step into your starring role, here’s what the program includes:

  1. A series of searing questions designed to incinerate your excuses and illuminate your particular excellences – an essential first step to determining your particular path.
  2. A revelationary, transformative one-on-one coaching session specifically exploring who you are, what you do (or ought to do), and where you want to go. We’ll uncover your core values; shine a light on the shadowy places to reveal (and release) what’s keep you stuck; assemble a list of luminaries – friends, colleagues, teachers, mentors – for your Advisory Board; and prepare you with the confidence to extend gracious invitations to them. Because you are worth it.
  3. An empowering invitation from me to your Advisory Board. I send your honorees an inspiring, informative e-mail rich with high-level questions setting the stage for their contribution. With this exercise, I prepare your advisors and empower them to enrich and inspire the discussion and your visioning session.
  4. A three-hour facilitated session with you and your advisors. Boom, kapow, zing! This is the heart of Board of Your Life. I have more than twenty tools in my handy coaching tool-belt that help guide my intuition and deliver what the room needs in service of you. Interactivity has never been so much fun…nor so powerful.
  5. Your NOW ReportTM recapping our session and highlighting specific recommendations for fueling your future. It’s a roadmap. It’s a value-driven design aligned with your personal essence and excellences. It’s the script for your grand production. It’s an action plan for stepping ino your starring role.

Board of Your Life helped me refocus on the things that are important to me.

Tanya was skilled at getting the best information out of my Board while ensuring I felt safe and that the experience was enjoyable for everyone involved. I was surprised by how much fun we all had!

(So much so that a few people from my Advisory Board started to question their own possibilities and said they too would benefit from the program.)

I walked away from Board of Your Life with an invigorated sense of excitement and motivation which opened me up to new possibilities. – M.P.

If you’re ready for change – profound, transformational, meaningful lifechange - this program is for you.

Board of Your Life is a facilitated, specific program that helps you plot your dreamlife, assemble a supportive cast and crew, launch your grand production…and step into your starring role.

It’s time. You’re ready. Shine.


Ready to step into your starring role?

Let’s go! E-mail me and it’s ON.