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Fear sucks…


Today is the day I get over myself. Today is the day I actually begin to WRITE the eBooks (PLURAL) that have been dying to be expressed from my heart for a long, LONG time. Not plan, not research, not outline, not hem and haw. Actually WRITE.

(Hear that? It’s the collective sigh of my inner circle.)

And today’s not just the day because my  type-A excel spreadsheet tells me so. Oh, I can ignore IT. No, today’s the day because that right there on the left is what I pulled over to the side of the road and HAD to write in my notebook on the way home from the gym this morning.

I am scared. That what I write won’t be very good. That no one will care. That I’ll have wasted my time. And so much more.

And still.

Fear sucks…doing nothing is far worse.


What’s keeping you awake? What is dying to be expressed from YOUR heart?
There. THAT thing. The thought that made your stomach do a back-flip. That’s it. Now go do it.

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  1. Ah movement… fear’s worse enemy.
    Write write write dear Tanya!

    • Yola…even your CHEERING is poetic. Merci, ma belle.

  2. What you write won’t suck Tanya ~ none of us are programmed to suck. And I will care about what you write. Sometimes we never know who we’ve influenced in a meaningful way as we go about the business of being real, and brave. For this reason – NOTHING we do is ever really a waste of time.

    I’m teetering on a brink too. I think part of it is the ‘reveal’ of who I really am inside, part of it is actually becoming known as a carrier of certain wisdom and being looked upon or called upon to be so, part of it is committing to what I can’t see yet, what I don’t know yet, what I may be about to do without much control on my part.

    What say we jump together? I’m thinking of starting a blog series that I’d love to turn into a workshop offering and launching this on Valentine’s Day. Shall we support each other along the way?

    • Ooooh, yes please. Let’s!!!

      And YOU, dear Sally. The world’s ready for you to reveal to yourself what we already see. Releasing control = mind-blowing expansiveness.

      Ready to jump? Let’s talk.

  3. It’s not about you – it’s about what you have to share. And that my friend, is something people NEED to hear! YAY for getting over yourself and YAY for being an artist who creates to express, not for judgement or validation :) xoxo

    • All I’ve got is this: THANK YOU, Tia. “Artist”. I like that.

  4. As Tia so eloquently expressed, “It’s NOT about you!” What you’ve been hanging onto is a gift, pure and simple. Not sharing it is the greatest act of withholding we’re capable of.

    So, yay, for fear biting you in the butt and causing this action!

    • I LOVE that you gave the fear some props. Damn straight, YAY for fear!!! Delicious reframe, thank you Sandi!

    • LC…thank you for the reminder. And re-reminder. I may need a re-re-reminder at some other point in my life. That’s what friends are for, I’m afraid.

      I shared it with a client just now in our session. Shifted. So thank you one final time. Today, at least.

  5. You go girl! Fear, though it can hold you back, can also be sooo motivating.

    • Well, it sure let’s me know I’m alive! Thank you Lovely Gayle! XO

  6. You know I’m here for you!!

    I also love what Sandi said: “What you’ve been hanging onto is a gift, pure and simple.”

    • I know you are…and am so grateful!

  7. I love the use of your community on your blog to share your commitment to create your ebooks. Many thanks for sharing the link to your post.



    • Thank you for stopping by, Jen!

  8. Amen and amen, sister. Cheering you on and excited to see the gift you’re bringing into the world!

    • I adore checking on my blog and seeing pepperings of Cindy here and there. Feels happier for your visit. Thank you!



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