Track your wins

It’s easy — really, really easy to track the losses. We do it all the time. Constantly tallying up the disappointments and every last place where we feel we fell off of our path.

Couldn’t close the deal.
Fell short.
Fell down.
Struck out.
Zigged when we could have, should have zagged.
When they didn’t show up.
The no thank you’s.

But given how much you resist “easy” anyway, let’s not do that.

Let’s go for the hard instead.

Let’s track the wins.

Scan the past 10 days and note the many many graces that wound their way to you.

The unsolicited invitations.
The just because cards.
The manna from heaven new client.
The I miss you texts.
The can you lead on this vote of confidence from your boss.
The whispers of encouragement from unseen forces.
The delightful review from a fan (you have a fan!!).
The can you read this over because I trust you requests.
The yeses.
Every.single. I see you acknowledgment.

And of course

It’s not just about the nods of recognition (though don’t they feel like great swaths of velvet?) Let’s also track the moments you felt your own power.

You felt your own yes-ness.
You came face-to-face with your purpose.
You stood your ground.
You made the call.
You kept on going…even when.

Track your wins. And when you run out of room on the page, flip it over + keep writing. twitter-bird-tiny-blue

Yes indeed.

 Track your wins

And for even more tangible proof of your wonder, sign up to receive YUM + YAY goodness…a powerful tool to beat back self-doubt.

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Tall Poppies, Comparison Compulsion and Worship Wisely

When I was about 10 years old, my father sent my mother two dozen extra long-stemmed roses. Extra, EXTRA long, as I recall. They were taller than me. She was out running errands so I thought I’d make the gift that much sweeter by putting them in a vase for her, but seeing as none of our vases could accommodate the extra FEET of stem, I cut them back…significantly.

There. That looked far more reasonable.

I, of course, didn’t understand the caché of the XXXL length. And how much went into cultivating them in that way. Nor the ancillary cost.

When my mother returned from her errand, she beamed at the sight of those beauties, then called my Dad to thank him for the sweetness. He asked about the length, clearly proud of himself for getting that detail right. When she explained that they fit the vase perfectly, I could hear his roar from where I was standing. She saw the cuttings I’d left in the sink and understood all at once what had happened. She managed to explain it to him before he had time to get a hold of that poor florist.

The way it was oh so patiently explained to me later that evening, every inch trimmed was about $4. And I’d cut off a lot.


Have you ever heard of Tall Poppy Syndrome? Many of my clients sure have.

Tall poppy syndrome (TPS) is social phenomenon in which people of genuine merit are resented, attacked, cut down, or criticised because their talents or achievements elevate them above or distinguish them from their peers.

Another way in…when someone is wildly talented, incredibly attractive, naturally brilliant, radically successful, they can feel some shame in it. Or feel as though they have a target on their back. And perhaps they feel called to “dim their light” so that others feel more comfortable…to be more, um, reasonable. To fit in the vase, nice and neat.

I know where you just went. I know you went to the place of “that doesn’t apply to me…I’m not wildly talented, incredibly attractive, naturally brilliant, radically successful”.

Oh. Really?

we're all cool kids

Yes. YOU have experienced it. While you may not self-identify as “wildly talented, incredibly attractive, naturally brilliant, radically successful”, there is much about you that is TRULY extraordinary.

{Sit with those words for a moment and notice where that lands on the spectrum from “I suspect that could be true” to the full-blown “TRUTH”.}

Part of the reason acknowledgment is so hard for you to receive may not simply be because you are modest or humble. It could be because the very thing you are being commended for may be the very thing you fear may become a liability. That your fabulous figure makes it hard for people to relate to you (so you carry around a couple of extra pounds to be more reasonable). That your incredible intellect is intimidating for others (so you make sure to dumb it down to be more reasonable). That you point out all the ways that your success has been a fluke so that the whole story seems more reasonable. It’s possible that you have experienced the sin of outshining and the cost was isolation and disconnection and being cut down to size. To fit the vase. So you shelve your otherselves. (My goodness, but I wish you’d stop that.)

And while I’m going out on a limb here, I may as well stretch out the very edge of this branch. You have been cut down for your magnificence AND? Bless you, but you may also have had a hand in cutting others down. When you have had the experience of “not measuring up” to another’s talent, attractiveness, brilliance or success, your thoughts, words, or eyes may have cut off a few inches.

It was inadvertent. Of course, it was inadvertent. And it was unfair.

And guess what happens? That impulse to compare, then project, then disconnect merely validates the very notion that if we shine, others will distance themselves from us. BECAUSE WE HAVE THE PROOF. It’s right there, in our own experience.

You’ve been the idealized tall poppy. I’ve been the idealized tall poppy.
You’ve idealized and cut down the tall poppy. I have idealized and cut down the tall poppy.

Let’s try this.

Let's put away the scissors

Photo thanks to the yes man. (Modified by me)

Let’s put away the scissors. Let’s put them right back in that drawer. Let’s agree right here and right now that we won’t do that shit to each other. Whether your brilliance or gorgeousness or success is “reasonable” is none of my business. Shine on. Agreed?

Let’s surround ourselves with the very best. Let’s preen each others’ beautiful feathers. Let’s dare to fly higher and faster and farther together.

“When you meet a woman who is intimidatingly witty, stylish, beautiful, and professionally accomplished, befriend her. Surrounding yourself with the best people doesn’t make you look worse by comparison. It makes you better.” - Shine Theory: Why Powerful Women Make the Greatest Friends

And finally, let’s do some deeper work. 

The magnificent Lauren Bacon and I have been cooking up a coaching program for some time and it’s just about ready to come out of the oven. Both of our work with the Impostor Syndrome has led us to the connection that the compulsion to compare is the birthplace of holding ourselves back. And we intend to transform that pattern. Worship Wisely opens for registration in January. Get on the list to receive updates and the gorgeous Worship Wisely Starter Kit…a powerful tool of enquiry to take the pulse of your current relationship with comparison.

WW header

Let’s start the transformation. For all our sakes. 


PS – In the spirit of celebrating gorgeous things created by women whose feathers I wish to help preen, I want you to about a wee-treat being hosted TONIGHT by the leaders of the sublime-looking Spark Retreat, an immersive experience in sisterhood and creativity held in Taos in the new year.

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How do you want to feel?

Oh, that Danielle. How do you want to feel, she asks.

Like a heat + clarity-seeking truth missile, how do you want to feel locates the core  of it all…and detonates with the light of a thousand suns.

When I first got my hands on the Desire Map, I devoured it and allowed the juices to run down my chin and arms. Delicious fruit can be eaten no other way.

And then, in February, 2013, I was invited by Team D to share my core desired feelings with the Desire Mapper community. I was honoured, touched and a little shy. Naming desires can feel, so, public. Even selfish? Ooooh yeah…THAT. Maybe I’ll be judged for the flimsiness of my desires. Maybe my desires aren’t enough.

You read that correctly. “Maybe my desires aren’t enough.” Given that this is the work that I do, THAT feels hard to admit. Because here’s what I know to be true…at the very foundation of it all, this life, this VERY life is short. And deeply precious. Your purpose is rooted in what you desire. And living a life of purpose, to me, is what it’s all about. Circular sweetness.

It’s called evolution.

In celebration of Danielle’s new site, and my desire for YOU to name your desires, I wanted to revisit my responses from February to see what has changed in the past 11 months. Much has, but not my core desired feelings.

Q+A with Team Danielle (February 2013)

1. What are your core desired feelings? Or even tell us just one.

Joy, joy and more joy.

“Don’t postpone joy” was my Mama’s mantra and it has informed how I’ve lived (and loved) for the last couple of years of my life…which, not surprisingly, have been the most joyful. (Mm hmm.)

And for me to feel my personal brand of joy, I must feel prosperous, gorgeous, generous, in connection and grateful (ever grateful).

2. What have you stopped doing so that you could create one/all of these core desired feelings?

I’ve given up the empty calories of regret. Not postponing joy has required me to stop living in the past. Bemoaning twists and turns, zigs and zags has always left me feeling insufficient, ugly, stingy, disconnected and selfish. Unhooking myself from coulda woulda shoulda’s feels infinitely lighter…more me.

3. What are you doing THIS week to generate any of your core desired feelings?

I’ll be in NYC at the end of the month for the wrap-up day of The Golden Ticket (with Michelle Ward). I’m bringing my family and I just booked a pretty sweet hotel room (with plans to do it up right). That’s mighty aligned with how prosperous feels to me.

(Update:: it.was.a.blast.)

I’m gorgi-fying my work space this week. New paint, new furniture, framing the kid’s art. I’m also gorgi-fying my post-holiday self-care. Things got a little, erm, “festive” over the holidays (read: I apologize if I didn’t leave any brie and prosecco for you). But instead of berating myself with the coulda woulda shouldas, I’ve got a plan in motion that feels as gorgeous as I want to feel.

The desire to feel generous + grateful have led to daily inquiries: Who can I help today? What am I grateful for? Turns out, these are muscles that are quite loose and limber already, so I know there’s an opportunity for me to dive deeper and strengthen them.

As for connection, there’s a way that the first week of the year feels like it’s all ABOUT connecting: like the holidays have shone a light on the relationships that matter. So the work required for me won’t be this week: it will be in ensuring that I keep this light on throughout the year.

4. What are you listening to that gets your core desired feelings revved up?

All music that I can hear in my heart makes me feel grateful.

Iron + Wine’s Trapeze Swinger and Bon Iver’s Holocene are two mainlines for me to feel connected with my own fine self. A little kitchen dancing to Michael Franti brings my family’s heart back to centre.

Old-school Annie Lennox makes me feel gorgeous.

Music that makes me feel generous or prosperous? I’ll get back to you on that.

{Side note: children singing the national anthem and bagpipers in parades makes my heart melt from something that feels like joy, but that includes a confounding cocktail of sweet sadness, frisson, and inexplicably, silliness.)

So this morning, I checked in with the question:: How do I want to feel? And the answer:: As ever, generous, in connection and grateful (ever grateful), prosperous and gorgeous.

What I’m doing in 2014 to keep those lit up.

There’s always room for me to deepen into generosity. There is no doubt that this aspect of my realm wants some more attention. How can I offer more of my time, talents and attention in ways that are helpful, loving, and truthful…this is my continued enquiry. I’m gaining on it.

It’s the “in connection” piece that has been troubling me. Oh, my natural set-point as a 2 on the Enneagram and a Myers-Briggs ESFJ makes good ‘n sure that that I pay extra attention and offer exquisite care to my family, friends and clients. But my list, the lovely human beings who have offered me permission to contact them with my words…I’ve been wanting to find more meaningful ways to connect with them. And so, desire leads to action and I’m currently working on a Monthly Missive (so much more gorgeous than “newsletter”, non?). It will offer Backstage Access to what I’m working on, appreciating, sharing and will invite readers to go deeper in their own enquiry (as desired). And swag bags, yes yes yes…treats every month. (I’d get on the list if I were you. And you can thank Danielle later.)

How do YOU want to feel? Get out the Map.

Get out the map
And lay your finger anywhere down
We’ll leave the figurin’ to those
We pass on our way out of town
Don’t drink the water
There seems to be somethin’ ailin’ everyone
I’m gonna clear my head
I’m gonna drink that sun
I’m gonna love you good and strong
While our love is good and young.

 - Indigo Girls (Get out the Map)

Knowing the answer to how you want to feel WILL transform everything. How you relate, communicate, love, work, cook, sing, plan, parent, create. Everything. Danielle and the Desire Map suite of goodness will guide you through the elegant process of getting to the heart of (what) matters:: your desires.

So…how do YOU want to feel?

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TGtv Episode 5 – Traditions, Rules and Stories (or, the Time I Peed in Public)

Yeah. Just a little story about public urination. Isn’t it what everybody wants to hear about this holiday season?

Thought so.

Settle in and I’ll you THAT story…but before we dive in, think about your upcoming holiday schedule. Much goodness ahead, to be sure. And still, are you noticing the places where you’re dragging your heels? Does there seem to be an unusual number of obligations that “need” to be tended to?

Maybe it’s time to transform them.

Watch on.

So…will you consider::

1)   What traditions, rules and stories YOU are ready to transform. Share in the comments, over on Facebook  or via email. It feels so good to claim it.

2)   What other issues you’re facing in your business or life that you’d love me to tackle in an upcoming episode. I’m willing to bet you’re not the only facing it. Let me know over Facebook  or via email.

3)   Signing up for my list, if you haven’t already. I’ve been cooking up some new things I’d love you to get in on (like a monthly “Backstage Pass”). AND you can download YUM + YAY goodnessa powerful tool to keep your confidence UP when you need it most.

Subscribe here to receive YUM + YAY Goodness

PS –My Clarity Sessions have been likened to divining rods. Maybe just what you want before 2014 bears down on us?

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It can wait.

Unless you’re a heart surgeon on the cusp of transplantation with minutes to spare, there are very few things that can’t wait. For just a little bit longer.

During savasana in a recent yoga practice, our guide invited us to stay for five more breaths when we felt the urge to get up off the mat.

Oh, I felt the urge, all right.

In my mind, I had already crossed yoga off the list and was on to the next thing. But when I heard her words, I settled back into my body and decided to allow my mind to scan what I would normally do in the time five breaths would take. The past showed me that I would get up at the first chance I could, grab my mat, keys and bag as silently as possible, and would climb over the resting, blissed-out bodies, more than likely turning on my iPhone before I’d left the room. Because, y’know, knowing who might have tried to reach me in that 75 minute period is just THAT critical. I’d make my way downstairs with one eye on the infuriating loading screen, impatient for the wait. And then, I’d allow myself to get agitated if there were tons of emails, texts and calls, or, more likely, agitated if there weren’t.

So, I rested for five more breaths. And then another five. Integrating the gorgeous work I’d just done on the mat.

Whatever IT is, it can wait.

It can wait. It can wait. It can wait.

I recently heard a Tech Exec speak about our love affair with our devices. She reported that in a recent study of smartphone users, 51% of people sleep with their phones next to their beds and 27% of people lose two hours of sleep to the device.


Now, this post isn’t about the evils of the smartphone (besides, Louis CK did a way better job than I ever could, underscoring our fears of being alone.) It’s about our complete and utter ability to be HERE. NOW.

Yes. You’re busy. Your life is full. You have many obligations and commitments and people and jobs and things on the list. Even right now, as you read this post, you’re aware of the four other things you could be doing. (And bless you for staying here, with my words. Truly, thank you. I intend for it to be worth your while. Onward.)

The reality is…

Whatever IT is, it can wait while you:: watch the sunset until it’s disappeared; offer one more heartfelt “I love you”, and then another; pull over to allow the emergency vehicle to pass (it’s headed somewhere for more important than you are…guaranteed); snuggle your child back to sleep after a haunting nightmare; chew your food properly; hear, really HEAR the music; dare to ACTUALLY connect with the person you’re speaking to; take the scenic route; and, enjoy 5 more breath…right here, right now.

Shortcuts can erode the fullness of our experience. twitter-bird-tiny-blue

It can wait. Pressing send, publish or reply will not alter the fate of humanity. You’re not that important (nor am I).

That’s good news.

And if you’re not sure where you’re going to find all this extra time for breathing and hugging and watching and loving and being here? Start to notice the mindless actions and words that do not serve your higher good. Seinfeld reruns. “Sorry’s”. (When I started to become aware of my unconscious apologies, I calculated that I’ve lost 42 days of my life to unconscious “sorrys”. Over it.)

Make time for the conscious by taking time from the unconscious. twitter-bird-tiny-blue

Take five more breaths. Because. It can wait. It can wait. It can wait.

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Three beliefs walk into a bar…

So yeah, three beliefs walk into a bar. Their names are Scarcity, Abundance and Innovation.

Scarcity sits down first and orders a beer. “We’re out of beer”, says the bartender. Scarcity gets up and leaves. Abundance sits down…orders the same. “We’re out of beer”, says the bartender. Abundance thanks him and says he’ll wait for it to show up, so sure is he that it’s already here. The bartender scratches his head and thinks for a moment, then goes downstairs to the Keg Room, just in case Abundance is correct. In the meantime, Innovation has heard that there is no beer and sets to fashioning a still out of the coasters, swizzle sticks, and tent cards that he sees on the bar in the bartender’s absence.

At this point, the bartender returns with a full keg of beer. Abundance was right. There was more than enough beer here all along.

Innovation asks for the bottles behind the bar that NO ONE ever asks for. The bartender shakes his ahead again, thinking Innovation is crazy…after all, there’s now plenty of beer…he doesn’t need to drink THAT ancient crap, but hands him over the Blue Curacao, Malibu Rum and Galliano. They’re loss leaders anyways. Innovation pours them into his still and out comes the most exquisite beer imaginable. With his jaw on the floor, the bartender says:: “You, my friend, will become a millionaire”. And so it is.


Okay…I make with the masterful coaching, not necessarily the masterful joke crafting.

Point is…

I think you can believe that there’s no room at the top (so why bother), that there’s PLENTY of room at the top (you just need to be able to see beyond the perceived limitations of the glass ceiling) or that there’s more than enough room if you build a whole new office tower. With your name on it.

The most successful people I know travel along path B.

These two women, backed with a jaw-droppingly good idea and tenacity are travelling path C. They’re professor is correct:: they’re going to be millionaires.

(The Invisible Bicycle Helmet | Fredrik Gertten from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.)


Sure…the economy sucks, my Mayor smokes crack, there are only so many opportunities that throw themselves down at your feet for you to trip over them, but I’ll take abundance and innovation ANY day over scarcity. twitter-bird-tiny-blue

And when I do, the opportunities are everywhere. And they’re golden.

Your choice scarcity

Practise this

You have the capacity to believe in abundance…just notice how much grace and love surrounds you, yes, YOU. And you are well smart enough to innovate. Just look for the gaps you want to fill and itches that want to be scratched. And hearken back to the times in your life when you have engineered solutions out of thin air. You did it then, you will do it now. (And if you need a reminder…create your YUM + YAY folder.)

PS – I have three spots open for Clarity Sessions in January. Is one yours?




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Ampersands & Otherselves. (Or, Your Contradictions are Your Brilliance.)

This I know.

You, just like me, want to be liked, understood, seen and heard. Intellectually, you get that not EVERYONE will get you and you’re (mostly) fine with that, as long as YOUR PEOPLE get you. (Though, let’s face it: wouldn’t it be so much nicer if everyone just found you as delightful as you truly are?)

In that desire to be liked, understood, or to fit in, we are super intentional and hyper-aware of what we’re revealing to our world (and NOT revealing.) Which can have us shelving parts of ourselves that don’t follow the script we believe we’re supposed to follow…or that we believe others expect us to follow. Our OTHERselves get edited out, like the mess that’s cropped out of the picture.

To be received as wise, we shelve our goofiness. To be received as powerful, we shelve our vulnerability.

What if you didn’t?

What if you imagined, for just a little while, that not only could we handle your otherselves, but that it would actually offer us yet another place to lean in, appreciate and learn from you?

That your strands of apparent contractions add depth and gorgeous texture to the fabric of your being, designed by your soul?

That the fullness of your expression invites the same in us?

That what you are editing out is precisely what we need?

And moreoever, precisely what YOU need to honour your own intrinsic value of authenticity?

You are tender & fierce.

You are wise & a goofball.

You are warm & an unapologetic truth-teller.

You are deeply pragmatic & wildly creative.

You are this & that.

The two facets are not at odds; they are in complement.  They are the umami & the sweetness. The harmony & the melody. The orange & the purple. The masculine & the feminine.

You’ve been shelving your otherselves for so long that this may feel like a welcome relief or may knot you up even tighter. Just trust me. There is nothing but expansion available to you when you make room for your ampersands.

Witness:: Business magnate & enlightened social activist. NHL goalie & lawyer.  Cyber-punk & pastor. Silver screen star & inventor.

Bring in your ampersands & otherselves

Don’t shelve your otherselves in an attempt to make it easier for us to receive you. Not only can we take you as you are, but we are richer for your ampersands.

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Your best path forward

Her instructions were sparse but concise::

Hold the reins loosely in one hand, the saddle horn in the other.
How you hold the reins will determine how quickly they trot, which direction they’ll go and when they’ll stop.
Stay in a single file and keep one horse length between you and the rider in front of you. Get too close and things could get kicky.

And with that, our tentative group took off. Wordlessly, we clung to the instructions with our life, almost as tightly as we clung to the reins and saddle horn.

Single file. One horse length apart. Single file. One horse length apart.

The only sounds were the clippety clops of hooves on solid ground, the occasional horse snort and my daughter behind me, murmuring sweet words of encouragement to her horse Jadie. I found strength in her apparent ease and started to relax into the beautiful being I was fortunate enough to get to ride…Legend. An absolute miracle of strength and grace.

And still…this. Single file. One horse length apart. Single file. One horse length apart.

Then we came to the forest. The clear and solid ground gave way to a rocky path made muddy by the torrential rains of the day before. Deeeeeeep mud, the kind that would suck your boots off of your feet and keep them as punishment for daring to pass through on foot.

Our horses paused before each new patch of mud, considering how best to navigate them. In an attempt to obey the “single file, one horse length apart” mantra, we slipped and slid and struggled to keep them in line with the horse in front.

Let your reins slack and let them lower their heads, coached our guides. They’ll find their best way forward.

And so we did. And so they did.

Our horses picked their own path, no two following the same route. We became a herd rather than a line. Up hillocks and through tight brush, they found their way to the clearing beyond. Back in the sunshine and once again on solid ground, we walked, then trotted, then cantered (never quite getting to gallop) back in our single file formation.

It’s like this.

When the sun is shining and the ground is solid, it’s easy to stay the course, hold the focus and keep on track. When the rains come and the path becomes muddy, that’s the time to lower your head and trust that you know your best way forward. No one else can tell you what that way is, Dear One. It may not be what you planned, it will seem far from perfect, it may feel tight at times, and it may even still be slippery, but you are getting there, step by step, step by step. To the gorgeous clearing beyond.

Yes, you are.


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I am a Force of Nature. Even when I feel anything but. You are too.

It’s been a bit of a doozy of a couple of months. Many, many highs, and many lows. Not a whole lot in the middle. But, y’know. I can take it. And all those highs are so, so gooooooooood. The lows are inconsequential, right? And besides, I’m tough and I’m softly malleable. I’m loved. I’m well-supported. I know what to ask for. I receive well. So, y’know, I’m good.

Except, I haven’t really felt good.

So when an “energy guy” came highly recommended by two friends I trust with all I have, I listened.

And so did he. Though before he could listen, he needed to clear some profound exhaustion that I didn’t know existed. Before he spoke to a profound sadness that I didn’t know existed.

Did you?

I’ll be honest that there’s is a part of me that wasn’t 100% convinced. I mean, we’re all carrying a little tired and a little sad, non? Part of the light and dark of life that makes it so, erm, rich, right? And then, I took a look at some pictures that were taken of me earlier in the day. There was a void in my eyes that I haven’t ever, EVER seen. And it scared the HELL out of me.

How long have I been sad? And then this:: What right do I have to be sad? I am so bloody fortunate and grateful and lucky and blessed and, and, and…

Sidebar:: Sometimes we get ourselves in a fair bit of hot water for not asking for what we need. But sometimes we don’t KNOW what we need.

Perhaps the reason for the long dispute over the source of the adage: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle” is due to the fact that it’s incomplete.

Perhaps it needs to be updated.

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle they might not even know they’re fighting.

Once I saw that I was IN a battle, I did what I do best, surrendered to the wisdom of some of my nearest and dearest and asked::

I could use your honest loving.
Have you been receiving me as sad lately?

Julie Daley spoke up first, within minutes.
yes. I will tell you. but I’d rather do it on skype, with you, not here.

As ever, she gave me a soft place to land. She gave me this question::
“what do you trust in when everything is pulled out from under you?”

Oh. My.

That my light is abundant, was my answer.

Julie Daley does deep, powerful and transformative work. She can hold your tears. She has no fear of snot (trust me on that one). She can hold your power. And her Becoming a Force of Nature program registration starts now. This is not an affiliate link. This is a you-need-to-know-her-power link. You can take it. You are a force of nature.

And so am I. Whether I’m sad or otherwise. Up or down. I am a force of nature. 

Related:: let’s be patient with one another, shall we? Some are fighting battles they didn’t even know they were fighting.

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It’s time to light the lights

When I’m tired, sad, grumpy, or let’s face it, pretty much ANY OTHER TIME, my movie genre of choice is comedy. Much to the chagrin of my Mamet-loving husband, I love me a movie with good clothes, good belly laughs and good writing. (I usually have to settle for two out of the three.)

I’ve said before, the launch of my Step into Your Starring Role program has me feeling tired. So last Friday night, my little family puppy-piled onto the couch for a snuggle and a movie. I picked The Muppets.

I’ve seen the movie many (many) times, but one piece of dialogue almost moved my tired self to tears. Gary says to his Muppet brother Walter::

“You always believe in other people, but that’s easy. Sooner or later, you gotta believe in yourself, too, because that’s what growing up is. It’s becoming who you want to be. You have to try.”

To paraphrase what Danielle LaPorte said on the last Step into Your Starring role telejam: “we can only hear the truth when we’re ready for it”. It’s called resonance.

See if you can hear this truth, now.

“You gotta believe in yourself, because that’s what growing up is.”

Step into Your Starring Role Registration ends tonight at midnight.

It’s time to light the lights.


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