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Path-charting learnings from Adele

I found myself in the curious place of holding a self-limiting, self-imposed (aren’t they all?) belief that wasn’t serving me. And I decided to simply let it go. Not surprisingly, flow followed. And singing.

If you can’t see the video, click here.



  1. Oh, the ONE way (aka, perfect way, right way)! I get myself stuck on this limiting belief so often, even though I have a natural tendency toward outside-the-box thinking. So I remind myself: there are 1000 ways to do anything. Surely I can find just one I can be excited about, or at the very least, one that doesn’t suck. :)

    So fun to see you on video, and happy you’re re-excited about your launch. I know your product is gonna be great!

    • Thank you for the good ju-ju, my friend! And I’d invite you, creative, wonderful you, to NEVER take the path that even kinda sucks. Way #1001 is probably the HELL’S YES path. That’s yours to explore.

      • Ha! Or way #5013 or #7256 … if the options are limitless, why settle for less than the HELL YES! path? Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Loved your 3 minute video Tanya!

    Yes, I still am trying to determine how to do less but get more. Love when those around me say ….well that’s never going to happen. That’s all the push I need…watch me 😉

    Look forward to your launch 😉


    • Watch you indeed. Am excited about what’s ahead for you.

  3. Aren’t you adorable! I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to see the launch.

    • Oh E…that makes me grin goofily. Thank you, Dear One.



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