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Wishes for my 8-year old Birthday Girl + one for me

Dearest L –

On your 8th birthday, I have eight wishes for you.

And one for me.

For you

  1. I wish that you always carry with you this big heart of yours: the one that wants to be the peacekeeper, inspired by what you know of Marianne. Beautiful as you are, your heart is your best feature. 
  2. I wish that you retain your capacity for empathy, even when you get charged with being too sensitive.
  3. I wish you to hold on fiercely to your belief that you can be anything you want. Because baby, you can.
  4. I wish you continued delight in every wonder. And that even as those big, beautiful wide eyes become dimmer with the skepticism of age, that your curiosity lights your way.
  5. I wish you to feel deeply…the highs AND the lows.  No sense avoiding it, ’cause  there’ll be days like this.
  6. I wish you to KNOW that your voice may be sweet, and it’s still mighty. It will take you to places beyond your wildest dreams.
  7. I wish you could see yourself, as we see you.

And for me

I wish I’ll always be something like this in your green eyes.

Oh, I know that it won’t always be this way. And so, for those years that you won’t be able to stand my very presence, my final wish is this:

8. That you remember this morning: your bear holding your balloons for you, the chocolate croissants in bed, the steady stream of phone calls from family and friends,  and the biggest worry of your heart being what party dress to wear to school.

I know I will.




  1. Tears. Happy birthday, babygirl. (And happy birth-day to you, T.)

  2. What a beautiful post from a beautiful mama for a wonderful girl.

  3. Crying, crying, crying. Happy birthday to your lovely girl. And to YOU, Mama. xox

  4. Made me cry: “I know I will.” Utterly beautiful, these poignant, fleeting moments. Bless you both this day and every single precious one.

  5. Wow, tearing up here! What a truly beautiful post Tanya. These wishes are one of those things that would be wonderful to print out on special paper, tuck in a box and bring out on a special occasion way down the track. Happy birthday to your angel! xx

  6. Oh Mama, you know how to make us cry! I hope you both had the most magical day.
    (We hit double digits this year and I’m a little bit in awe of how this might have happened!)

  7. Sweet tears… Wonderful wishes for you both.

  8. Wow, that sure tugged at my heart strings – beautiful sentiments from one beautiful mom to her precious daughter, words she’ll always cherish.

  9. So touching! What a lucky girl she is!

  10. What a lovely Birthday tribute. You are such a special Mum and your little girl knows it.

  11. Oh Tanya, what a beautiful list and what a sweet honour to be an inspiration to your peacekeeper in the making. I hope I get to meet her one day. It sounds like we have a lot in common, and I’m so glad she has a mama who sees and values and honours her big heart and sensitive soul.

  12. And the birthday love continues. I read these responses to my girl and she said: “Mama, you know some nice nice people.” Yes. Yes I do. xoxo

  13. Wow. . . beautiful post, so touching ♥

  14. hi tanya
    this is my 1st time on your blog – what a beautiful intro!
    i love, “Beautiful as you are, your heart is your best feature.”
    your girl chose her momma well!
    love from shana

  15. Beautiful, touching words, from a beautiful Mama, inside and out. What a gift you have to put these on paper. I hope you all had a wonderful day together…xoxo

  16. L ~Your mom knows some nice, nice people because she is such a nice, nice person(which you already know, right?). And clearly, you take after her. I hope your 8th birthday was your best one yet…but not as fabulous as all those that are yet come. And as everyone celebrates you, know that you deserve every bit of all this love – and then some!

    T ~ A gorgeous post – representative of your wide-open heart that longs for, creates, offers, and treasure-hunts for beauty. The very thing you’ve created – in your daughter and in y/our world. xoxo

  17. Happy Birthday to you Tanya and your lovely daughter. If she is anything like her mom then she is a great kid. Best wishes

    good memories of WGM

  18. Pretty obvious where she gets her big-heartedness. Happy birth day to you, both. Xoxo

  19. this made my heart sing and my eyes cry. happy happy birthday!

  20. So sweet! Yes, I want my daughter Saraphina, soon to turn 4 on Aug. 7th, to retain her glorious gleeful squeals of delight at the simple things. Running through the sprinklers on a hot day, and making and eating cake with Grandma on her unbirthdays.

    Love to you and your daughter Tanya!

    Many blessings,


    • I’m working on the theory that if I keep being reminded about what is joyful through her, then I’ll retain it all and remember to make space for it. And so will she. (One can hope, right?) Sending watermelon birthdays kisses to Seraphina, dear Kris.

      • Thank you! I got lots of sticky watermelon kisses yesterday. Pretty warm here on the West coast.
        And, love your Joy pages. Such an inspiration. Sending to all of my friends. I’d love to do coaching with you in the next six months. Saving up the $.

        Many blessings to you,


        • You’re love. And I’ll be here when you’re ready. xo

  21. You parent just like your Mom parented you, with love and the ability to reaach for the stars.

    • Love you.



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