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You are not alone. Not by a long shot.

As I write this, I am on a bumpy flight home from NYC after attending the awe-inspiring Selling Your Soul love-fest thrown by the sublime Danielle LaPorte and the sass-tastic Marie Forleo.

If you run in the same blog-reading circles as I do, you’ll read tons of great stuff about the shin-dig in the coming days. It will all be true. Danielle and Marie are BRILLIANT. They know their genius. They know what their people want…and they deliver. Profound R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

D+M will be releasing a digital version of the juicy content covered later in the summer, so I’ll not be dishing any of their delicious goods here. You can sign up for the info about the digital soul product here. And you really want to.

Howevah. Here’s what I WILL dish on as it’s coming up for me as we barrel through turbulence (or, as the captain of this craft so delicately stated: “a patch of air”). It feels important.

I had some time to myself on Wednesday afternoon. By design, I am seldom alone. I generally prefer the company of, well, company.

So I decided to sink into the rarity of this opportunity. Sunny afternoon in Manhattan + nowhere to be + dead iPhone = perfect people-watching conditions.

As I watched the hustle and the bustle of all manners of folks, I made up stories about them based on their shoes, expressions, age, posture etc. And I wondered what made them tick. I wondered what was universally true for everyone that passed by. I made wild generalizations. It passed the time and I felt quite a bit less alone. Mission accomplished.


The next day, at Selling Your Soul, I savoured the off-the-charts energy of 140 other Lovelies. I listened to the heartful questions that were asked of Danielle and Marie about passion, profit and purpose. And some of those stories that I had made up on 5th and Broadway started to crystallize.

I’ve talked before about the myth of everyone. Now here’s what I am starting to believe to be the immutable truth about everyone.

Everyone does indeed have their own brand of genius.
Everyone feels fear.
Everyone is trying their best.
Everyone makes mistakes.
Everyone wants to know their value.
Everyone wants to be recognized.
Everyone wants to make a difference.
Everyone has a story.
Everyone wants to be acknowledged.
Everyone has pain.
Everyone wants freedom.
Everyone has something that needs to be released.
Everyone desires more (and less).
Everyone feels they may not be enough.
Everyone is afraid to make the leap.
Everyone wants love.
Everyone cares about how they show up.
Everyone has doubts.
Everyone has someone else they look up to.
Everyone wants to deliver.
Everyone has money “stuff”.
Everyone has it goin’ on in someone else’s eyes.
Everyone has a hunger.

This is you. This is your clients. This is your partner. This is all of us.

You are not alone.

So keep on going.

Because you are needed. You, yes YOU, are needed. Oh yes.


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  1. Everyone will love this.

    • Everyone loves your butterflies.

  2. This is such a powerful reminder of our common humanity, and of how important it is that we each shine. I wish I had been there with you!! xox

    • You kinda were. XO

  3. Hi Tanya! :)

    This is beautiful! I’m still in NYC and spending the day exploring downtown Manhattan by myself – so there will be a lot of people-watching. Your thoughts here about Everyone have given me a new perspective on that people-watching, though. 😉

    I’m loving how the love-fest is still continuing on Twitter and other places online, too. It was powerful to be in the same room with all you amazing women, and I’m looking forward to connecting with more of you online, as well. :)

    • Thanks for stopping by Jess! Hope it’s another fabulous day in NYC for you and that all the good juju is being well-absorbed. Am interested in learning more about your business…we’ll keep in touch, yes?

  4. Hi Tanya,

    Wow, I just love how you really captured what came up yesterday. Your immutable truths are beautiful. And I fully witnessed these truths coming through (and sorry not to have connected in person at SYSoul).

    Thanks for the fabulous post!


    • Thank YOU, for taking the time to share your thoughts. After all, “everyone wants to be recognized”. XO

  5. Hey Tanya! This is spot on. I made myself sick for 3 days before the event thinking I’d be in a room with 140 people who weren’t much like me… like I’d be alone, different, not fit in.

    Wow! That couldn’t have been further from the truth. I felt like I was surrounded by people who were not only like me but people who needed me – and I needed them! What an amazing feeling.

    I’m really glad I got to “see” you too – even if we didn’t actually get to meet :-/

    Hopefully I’ll run into you again soon!

    • It really was like home, wasn’t it? Am starting to think that “home is where the (open) heart is”.

  6. It’s easy to feel that we are the only person experiencing whatever emotion or experience we are in the middle of. At my day job people actually ask me if they are “the only one” in their particular quandary, and invariable I tell them that there are hundred maybe thousands experiencing the same thing. I don’t know if it helps them to know, but it had made me more aware that a feeling of isolation is all too common. If week keep this in mind we can help ourselves and each other to get through. Thank you for touching on something that often goes unsaid.

    • Thousands, but more likely millions. You’ve just beautifully nailed the importance of empathy. Thank you.

  7. I love the idea of having a brand of genius. Because maybe someone else doesn’t recognize it as genius but you know it is. You know you can do this one thing or know this one thing and nobody else comes quite as close. Maybe it’s simple like baking brownies from an age-old family recipe, but it’s perfect because it’s yours.

    • Mmm hmm (oh dear…sudden urge for a well-made brownie is taking hold). And if people DON’T know what their brand of genius, it’s usually rooted in what other people come to them for. What they thank them for. Sometimes we’re so close to our genius, we can’t even see it.

  8. Thank so much! This is such a great reminder that we are one. Our reflection is evident in the word around us and the people that show up in our path. It’s easy to get caught up and make stories about US and THEM. It’s more powerful to get rid of the separation and know that we’re all on one big, beautiful journey!

    • Mmm hmm. That’s the delicious truth.

  9. great post tanya! glad you enjoyed NYC. i have spent a lot of time there over the last 30 years (my father’s family lives there).

  10. completely digging on the truth about everyone. love the connectivity + universality. am currently learning that spending time alone doesn’t have to be lonely!

    • Connectivity is one of my core values which is why your comment makes me so happy!

  11. Oh this post rocks and is salve to my soul. Thank you for the validation and the humanity. Thanks for Selling Your Soul. I was there on Thursday, as well, and I adored the day and the connection. And your post sums it all up so brilliantly. You rock.

    • Damn, woman! You are some kind of sunshine! Thank you, thank you for bringing it here. XO

  12. I’m currently (yes, this instant) in the throes of self deprecation, regret, shame, despondence…all that juicy schmoosiness. I’m hating my life and applying for school and soul searching for cues, voices, signs…and this blog just reached out and pinched me.
    I’ve battled with depression for f-ing ever so I can more or less laugh at it and call it like it is.
    I couldn’t have been feeling more alone, broke, useless, hopeless (good god good grief) before I got on this site. TWO articles spoke loud and clear. ONE: being a multi potentialite; finding one thing that you are amazing at is a social construct. The more you can be awesome at the better! TWO: we are never alone; every singel one of us has the capacity to feel the whole damn range of emotions and THAT is a shout out for compassion.
    THANKS to all the ladies, arms aloft with fantastic.

    • Fantastic received and mirrored back. In jubilation. You are soooooo not alone, Dear One. Yes to your YES! xoxo



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