Co-Active Coaching, Spotlight Sessions, Booster Sessions, Oh My! How to Work With Me

Good coaching is all about forward motion, propulsion and stepping into your starring role.

But it only works if you’re ready, willing and able to do the work. Because it IS work.

For both of us. I practice co-active coaching (I trained with CTI) which means I partner with my clients to move you into your magnificence. This might mean:

  • Rocking the  business of your dreams.

  • Aligning your life, career and relationships with your core values.

  • Embarking on a transformational, holistic, whole-life change.

So, kind of like a three-legged race, with co-active coaching both parties work together to reach the finish line.

So that’s what I do. Race with you. Pace you. Coach you.

Danielle LaPorte
Tanya Geisler is a strong and compassionate cheerleader …and funny as hell. – Danielle LaPorte, White Hot Truth
Carmen Torbus

Tanya Geisler has superpowers… a call with her and I feel like I just got an injection of brave juice. – Carmen Torbus, Carmen Torbus

Tara Gentile
I have a successful business, a positive attitude, and a solid grasp on big life changes. Yet, I need a coach to keep me on the right path–and accelerating towards my best life. Tanya is that coach. She focuses tough questions and generous love on things hiding just below the surface and offers tools that keep me in the driver’s seat of my own life. – Tara Gentile, Tara Gentile

Clients say I’m encouraging, supportive, creative, fearless, and challenging. (I’ll take it). If this is what you’re looking for in a coach and co-conspirator, then let’s get started.

Here’s how:

  • Do you have a specific issue you want to tackle (and resolve!) in one beautiful session? Then a Spotlight Session is for you.
  • Are you looking for a co-conspirator to help you navigate through some churning waters for the next month or two or three? Then sign up for a One-On-One Coaching session!
  • If you’ve worked with me in the past and just need a quick shot of mojo, a Booster Session is exactly what you need.

Jen Louden

If you need a super smart and I mean all kinds of smart coach, hire Tanya. I’ve been coached by some of the best, so I know! – Jen Louden, Jennifer Louden

Rachel W. Cole
Tanya is a brilliant coach and, amongst those who know her, revered for her ability to give just the kick in the pants you need wrapped up in the most amazing motherly hug. It’s a wicked combination. – Rachel Cole, Rachel W. Cole
Julie Daley
She is a coach of coaches…and a beautiful human being. – Julie Daley, Unabashedly Female

The Spotlight Session

When things just.aren’t.clicking, it’s time to shine some light on the situation. The Spotlight Session illuminates the places that seem dark and unknown. The places that aren’t aligning with the brilliance of your desired path.

If you want to get clear and focused on something: a launch, a decision, your purpose, an issue, your vision, your voice, your offering, your direction, your mission, The Spotlight Session is for you. In just one call we’ll cut through your fears, limiting beliefs, and figure out what’s holding you back. We’ll strip back what needs to be released and realign your life with your core values. We’ll reset your life compass. We’ll map out what needs to happen over the next six months. All in just 90 minutes…not bad, eh? The light will feel oh so warm after so much time in the shadows.

Willo O'Brien
Holy moly, great balls of FIRE – @TanyaGeisler is a magical, intuitive high priestess! Loved our call today. Soaking in the divinity. – Willo O’Brien,
Photo on 2013-02-25 at 09.46 #4_2
Thank you for the gift of clarity, but more, for the gift YOU are! Wise, focused, stellar dot-connector, gentle companion, strong nudge, articulate communicator, joy to simply be in the presence of. I have had many wonderful coaches and guides over countless years and for various reasons, but I can say without hesitation that your way of being with me was the most authentically in-tune with my deepest need at that moment. – Tammy Bell
My session with Tanya totally changed the way I saw myself and was like one continuous AHA! moment! She really listens and provides razor-sharp insight that will keep you moving forward in your life. – Kandice

Here’s what you do:

  • Click the “buy now” button below. I will send you the Quintessential Questions and a link to my calendar so you can pick the best time for you.
  • You call (or Skype) me on the scheduled day with your specific topic we’ll get you SUPER CLEAR on your next steps.
  • After the call, I’ll send you an MP3 of the session so you can reflect on all the goodness that came up from our session. (NB – this is currently only available with phone sessions.)

Investment: $400 CDN + tax

Tara Mohr

Tanya’s coaching brings together no-nonsense truth-telling, great compassion, and a kind of fierce love. I highly recommend working with her if you are ready to claim a bigger game and more joyous life! – Tara Sophia Mohr, Tara Mohr

Julie Wray
She has a knack for solving all my problems in the first 5 minutes of our phone call, usually by asking the most poignant question that I never thought to ask myself. Tanya has streamlined my business, but most importantly she has streamlined the conversations in my head that have a tendency to keep me from moving forward. Tanya is my go-to girl every time I am ready to take a new big step in my business. – Julie Wray,
Miranda Webb
Work with Tanya – you’ll get clarity + support + deeper insight. You’ll free yourself to do the extraordinary things in your life + business you want. It’s world changing – Miranda Webb, Smart CEO Women

One-on-One Coaching

Once you have had one Spotlight Session with me and have decided you want to continue working with me, go ahead and click “buy now” (with thanks)*. YIPPEE! I love working with people who know I’m their person!

  • We bounce off of what we discovered in the Spotlight Session.
  • We “meet” approximately every second week, with you moving boldly forward in between our sessions.
  • I offer periodic email support in between sessions (if you want to report in big wins, be reminded about accountabilities etc).
  • At the end of the three month period, we’ll evaluate just how far you’ve come in that little time and proceed as you wish. Maybe you want to keep going twice a month, or maybe Booster Sessions will suit you better. It’s all good.

Investment: $400 CDN + tax per month

(For maximum movement, I recommend a three month commitment)

* Of course, if after our first session you decide coaching isn’t for you, I will happily refund your money. I would be a lousy person (and coach!) if I didn’t stand behind my work.

Maile Topliff
Just got off the phone with you, and am blown away by all the actionable, brilliant and inspired actions to take next in my business. You are amazingly talented and it is an honor to work with you! Thank you for your boundless generosity! – Maile Topliff, Maile Topliff International
Jennifer Torres
Tanya truly has a gift. She is intelligent, trustworthy, kind, and focused. Rather than tell me what to do, she paraphrases what I’ve already said or guides me into telling myself what I really need to hear, which I find very powerful. I would not be where I am today without her and I am extremely grateful. Her process works and I would recommend it to anyone. – Jennifer Torres, Founder, Salsa Babies
Safina Khimani
Tanya is a soulful coach with a HUGE heart. She helped me to manifest my thoughts into BIG changes. – Safina Khimani, Faith Style

Booster Sessions

I started working with Tanya shortly after being laid off from my job in the advertising industry. After our first phone call I could tell she was someone I wanted to have a long standing relationship with. She empowered me to see what my skills and competencies were…Tanya was and is my biggest cheerleader and I will continue to work with her for years to come. – A.B.

If you’ve worked with me in the past and feel like a shot of mojo could do you right, go ahead and click the “buy now” button.

  • You get six 20-minute sessions to be used whenever you like.
  • I’ll send you a link to my calendar for you to pick a good time for our first call.

Investment: $400 CDN + tax

Your reputation of being so amazingly intuitive, wise & effective hardly gives one a true knowing until meeting & experiencing your presence. Tanya, you truly are a wizard.
- shāna, fine art photographer, Shana + Photography
Bridget Pilloud

Every personal development expert has trouble doing what they do for themselves. Our emotional systems have a certain cleverness to their games. So the smart ones have people that to go to when we face an obstacle.For me, one of those people is Tanya Geisler.

Tanya Geisler is a power-house of a coach. She’s really good at getting in there and articulating the issues and opportunities that you’ve got in front of you. She can make connections in a sentence for me, that I may have taken a lifetime to put together on my own. And she does her work in a safe, strong supportive environment. She’s not just a great hugger. She’s a star-tipper. – Bridget Pilloud, Intuitive Bridge

Marthe Hangen
Absolutely dazzled by the beauty and love radiating from @TanyaGeisler. Healer. Leader. SO generous. I am deeply grateful. – Marthe Hangen, The Freedom Experiment

Sarah Dann
Thank you for helping one of your clients find her Muchness. I am feeling Much Muchier and much happier and more efficient. And my business is on a roll and I sit here much more often, like the Cheshire Cat, grinning from ear to ear. – Sarah Dann, Local Magazine
Ali Connell
Tanya, as if by magic, cracked into my mind and did a little tapdance on it, reached in and gave my heart a loving defibrillation, and then showed me the way to the most authentic of soul-stirrings. Tanya helped me dump a steamer trunk’s worth of crap that I didn’t even know I was humping around. Tanya is a coach of the highest order, a seeker’s suggester, and I’m so blessed and honored to have found her. – Ali Connell
I have known your name for a couple of years now, then in an instant I knew it was time for some clarity and that you were the right match. And you were (are). Being seen and heard are frequently themes in my own work with women, but recently I have been unsure how to re-emerge…I needed your beautiful eyes and heart, your big laugh and grounded authority around what wanted to be created next. It’s been an emotional 2 years for me, a cycle of death and rebirth and I so appreciated your capacity for balance, kindness and incredible talent that you shared so generously in our session. Love from my heart to yours. – Lisa, Founder of Intuitive Body

Pssssst…Just so you know…

Once you’ve stepped up and we’ve decided to work together, I will hold you to your greatness, glory and possibility. I will not let you be, think or act small. But you can’t run a three-legged race on your own and still win the prize. And here’s the thing… YOU decide your prize. So let’s get going.

It’s time. You’re ready. Step into your starring role.

Go ahead. Glow.