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All the ways we can make magic

I’m a leadership coach. Which is great, because you’re a leader.

Oh, I know. Those are some triggery assertions. Maybe you’ve not seen the leader in yourself, but those around you have. They keep pointing to it. And try as you might, you’re starting to not be able to unsee it, or unhear it’s call.

And maybe now you’re starting to recognize that this calling isn’t going away.

So? Step into it.

And that’s where I come in. Helping you get suuuuuuper focused on what it is that you are deeply desiring, even if you haven’t dared name it before. And then we make it happen. You + me. Partners in your magnificence.

Bari Tessler

I feel like I’m on fire (in a brilliant + beautiful way). – Bari Tessler
Danielle LaPorte

Tanya Geisler is a strong and compassionate cheerleader…and funny as hell. – Danielle LaPorte
Tara Mohr

Tanya’s coaching brings together no-nonsense truth-telling, great compassion, and a kind of fierce love. I highly recommend working with her if you are ready to claim a bigger game and more joyous life! – Tara Mohr

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I trained with CTI which means I have the training to co-create this magic with you. You set the agenda. But where I diverge from the training model is this: I DO have an agenda for you. I want you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams. Can’t help it. I’m a Mama through and through. And watching you soar in your starring role one of my most profound joys. (Of many profound joys. Sign up for posts, and you’ll learn more.)

For you, this might mean:

  • I’ll help you claim your rightful place as leader, combatting the Impostor Complex and any other limiting beliefs in the way.
  • Getting you primed and ready for the spotlight. (It’s time.)
  • Expanding into the fullness of your purpose.
  • Just about anything else you can conceive of. I am not afraid of your brilliance. You shouldn’t be either.
Jen Louden

If you need a super smart and I mean all kinds of smart coach, hire Tanya. I’ve been coached by some of the best, so I know! – Jen Louden
Tara Gentile

I have a successful business, a positive attitude, and a solid grasp on big life changes. Yet, I need a coach to keep me on the right path–and accelerating towards my best life. Tanya is that coach. She focuses tough questions and generous love on things hiding just below the surface and offers tools that keep me in the driver’s seat of my own life. – Tara Gentile

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Clients say I’m potent, supportive, creative, fearless, and challenging. The say I love them into their magnificence. They say I can dissolve blocks with one word. They say I help REAL people become STARRIER, and STARRIER people become REAL.

I say, thank you.

If this is what you’re looking for in a leadership coach and co-conspirator, then let’s get started.

Here’s how:

The Spotlight Session

In 90 minutes, we will shine a light on what you want and how you’re gonna get it. (What you get out of this will hold you over for 6 months, maybe more.).
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One-On-One Coaching

I take very few clients for this on-going work, and typically don’t work with anyone for longer than 3 months. You bring your goals, we’ll align them with the real and glorious you, and then watch the magic unfold.
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Step Into Your Starring Role

Eight weeks of community, coaching and commitment to battle your Impostor Complex and bring your dreams to life.
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Booster Sessions

Only for former clients, quick shots of super-powered clarity and course-correction.
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Board of Your Life

Coaching meets brainstorming. Like a barn-raising, but for your soul.
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