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Things I love in 400 words

Inspired by Schmutzie, a brilliant light I met back in October at the BlissDom Canada conference, I present you: things I love in 400 words. Because seriously, people… isn’t now the perfect time to take stock of your own loves?

Yes indeed.

I love 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, martinis with onions AND olives, olives, lily of the valleys, crusty baguettes, warm puppy smell, popcorn with romano cheese, a clever turn of phrase, covertly watching my daughter play host on an imaginary cooking show, listening to her sing Fountains of Wayne (or Foo Fighters, or Bon Iver or anything else on our iPod), my father’s bear hugs (because it means he’s not in pain in that moment), “just because” postcards, Diptyque candles (Les Baies, natch, though Figue is a close second), Amarone, crunchy fall leaves, listening to kids sing the national anthem, having the door held open for me, the smell of my husband’s scalp, whoopee cushions, an unloaded dishwasher, brainstorming sessions, savasana, the sound of my aunt’s laugh (it’s like my Mom’s, oh God how I miss my Mom), when my daughter reaches for my hand, smart people who make me feel smart, stargazing in the backyard under duvets, little girls plotting in the tree house, how fabulous my ass looks in luon, the smell of orange blossoms, airport reunions, the bittersweetness of Christmas carols, sticky notes, really really old cheddar + fall apples, older couples holding hands, crystalline snow, Sunday afternoon cooking sessions, the kindness of strangers, Liz Lemon, getting up (sometimes) on a surf board, “I love you, Tanya Geisler, because” notes, prosecco with my girls, grass stains, a purring cat on my pillow, being called “Mama”, the lobby of the Park Plaza, smart design for small spaces, frozen grapes, the reverberation of a powerful question, the way the house shakes when my daughter plays with her cousins, kale, the stage, squeaky clean post-dentist teeth, heated floors, watching cats nod off to sleep, the way my husband says my name, pressing “publish”, a shin splint-free run, inari tofu, weighty pens, double rainbows (though a single will do in a pinch), the beaches of Georgian Bay, the song of the ice cream truck (no matter how evil it sounds), a healthy jade plant, waking up to PayPal payment notifications, Japanese gardens,  collaborations that make sense, the riotous colours of Chagall, tear-streaming belly laughs (especially the ones with my sister), Chicago’s waterfront, when it works juuuust right, attentive (but not cloying) waiters, impromptu campfire sing-a-longs (especially when Lisa yells “HONEY” during The Gambler), my husband’s Thurston Howell III imitation, recognition + acknowledgment, and this from my beautiful friend Michelle Ward:

Your turn. What do you love?



  1. Wonderful list, hun. Regarding your inclusion of Japanese gardens, it’s a sin you missed this when we were in Portland: All the more reason to visit again.

  2. I love, Tanya Geisler, because of exactly this. Thanks for another melty moment and serious inspiration.

  3. I SOOOOOO love the titty ditty! is Michelle perhaps the writer of the Shelly songs on “Raising Hope”? and Tanya, I believe I will write my “things I love” for my blog next Monday, you know, pay this one forward and get more to follow suit. Thanks!

  4. LOVE this Tanya! Thank you for inspiring me and reminding me of the many joys in life! xo

  5. Thanks all! It was SUCH fun to write. I truly hope you all take the 20 minutes to do the same. Guaranteed mood-lift. xo

    • Such a gorgeous way to meet and learn about people, non?

  6. This seemed simple at first. A great exercise in gratefulness. Thank you!

    • Loved reading yours…thanks for sharing!



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